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Natural World

Natural World is a recently created brand which nonetheless has a great shoe-making tradition, as it combines both the features of a trendy, young brand with the experience and know how of its creators.

Brand founders rely on extensive experience in the footwear industry, as they have worked for more than two decades manufacturing shoes.

This remarkable career path, added to their unconditional struggle for a better world conduced Natural World founders to realize an immediate need, to create a100% ecological shoe.
Such a step is needed to be taken to guarantee a better world to our descendants, to our children, that is, to invest in our present to provide for their future.

An ambitious goal, hard to achieve since to make it, an ellaborated manufacturing system is needed, which shall be respectful for the environment, from its beginning where raw materials for the shoe are obtained, all the way to the end when the shoe is finished and ready for sale.